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Tour Maratea - Apulia's Streets - STEV 2

Departure from Bari and arrival in Matera (“Città dei Sassi” and “Città Sotterranea” for the uniqueness of its historic center). Matera has been designated the European Capital of Culture for 2019. In the city you can visit – in addition to the Murgia Materana Park and the San Giuliano Nature Reserve – the many civil, religious and military architecture with a strong historical value.

After the visit of Matera, the journey goes on with a stop at the San Giuliano Dam (whose variety of habitats favors the presence of a diverse fauna such as Storks, Cranes, Spoonbills, red Herons, great white Herons, Blackbirds, Avocets and Knights of Italy) and near the city of Maratea; the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”.

In Maratea – called “The city of the 44 churches” for its many churches, chapels and monasteries, built in different artistic styles – you can see the typical coastal or mountain landscapes and the historical and artistic beauties that make this city one of the main tourist destinations in Basilicata.

With the stop in Maratea and overnight in the city, the first part of the Tour ends. The next day, the journey continues with stops in Scalea (where you can visit, in addition to the caves of the Middle Paleolithic and caves of naturalistic interest “Du trasi e Jechi”, of the “Pecora” and of the “Bacio”, testimonies of medieval times in the ancient center such as the Palazzo dei Principi of the XIII century, the “Norman Palace” called “Episcopio” and the ruins of the old Norman castle ), in Francavilla in Sinni (city rich in art and history where you can visit the Mother Church dedicated to Saints Felix and Policarpo, the Church of St. Anthony and the Church of St. Joseph) and Lake Petrusillo (artificial lake built between 1957 and 1962, whose fauna is made up of several mammals such as Foxes, Weasels, Beech, Hedgehogs, Dormice, Wild Cats and other rare or endangered species).

The tour ends in Bari.